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Film, Theatre and TV Production:
Complete COVID-19 Compliance Solutions

A COVID safe workplace should be a leading priority no matter where you work, with the film industry being no exception. But film production has its own set of challenges when it comes allowing people to safely return to work on location or in the studio. It is not always possible to socially distance on set or wear PPE, especially for actors, film crews and make-up artists who often need to be in close contact. Also, with many cases being asymptomatic, a single infection could result in an entire outbreak. That’s why COVID compliance for film production is of the utmost importance.

The team at Elite Safety Clinic are experts in the COVID compliance for film, theatre, and TV crews, and are currently working with Amazon Studios in London. Our available Specialised Packages come not only with mobile testing units, but also cleaners, COVID compliance officers, and marshals. Let us help so you can ensure the safety of cast and crew whilst seeing your production through the end. 


Our dedicated team understands the time-sensitive pressures of working in film, theatre, and TV. Our UKAS approved UK Lab partners provide fast and accurate COVID-19 swab test results with a 1-2 day turnaround, so you can rest assured you won’t be losing out on precious production time.

Mobile Testing Units

As mentioned, our mobile testing units are at the centre of our efforts to keep your productions COVID-secure. Regardless of where you need to be in the UK we can be there too. From our mobile units we are able to provide complete testing solutions (PCR, Antigen, Rapid PCR). All our testing is conducted by UKAS approved UK Lab partners with whom we are in direct partnership.

Officers & Marshals

By electing an Elite Safety Clinic Package, our COVID Compliance Officers and Marshals will be at hand to ensure your team have everything in place to be (and stay) within Covid-19 regulations.


Our specialist cleaners will be on hand for pre-production, principal production, and post-production. Our highly trained team of cleaners are adept with fogging equipment to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness and safety.
Our Pre-Production, Principal Production, and Post-Production Packages Include:

  • COVID Compliance Officers.
  • Marshals.
  • Cleaners with specialised training and fogging equipment.
  • Complete testing solutions: PCR, Antigen, Rapid PCR.


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